Let’s Create

let’s Create

Creativity is just the state of mind,
And that sees no limit is mind,
Leads that us to the path of bounteousness,
Blessed by spirits constructive….
So, Let’s create a world of mindfulness,
Where innocence wins,
And No one lags behind,
Where knowledge is used to create,
Not to destruct mankind….
Let’s make uniformity our logo,
And, fraternity our guide,
Our brothers who have lost their ways
As dissentful tides,
With our arms open welcome them should we,
With no revengeful needs till the eternity. . .
Let’s not limit our vision to a short sight,
For mind rules the vision,
Not vision rules the mind…..
So,let’s create a world of mindfulness,
Let’s create as we are made to create.

Himanshi Singh

Copyright ©2005 Himanshi Singh

(As originally published in www.Poetry.com)