Vanity! Vanity!

Hail! Hail!

Vanity dear,

In your name

Everyone swears


Made-up faces

Smiles wide

Tongues dark

Lips are bright


Stand conceited

Deceived they are

Look so human

Thine is some art


Love is a bore

Apathy roars

Vanity dances

Here on the dance floor


Yeah! Vanity

You do reign

Thine game

Mine is the blame


Oh! Dear,

Queer are your ways

Tired I ran so after ye

Tried to catch you everyday.


Queen of hearts!

Don’t know your art

Here I am as you’re weighed

Standing like a castaway.


There will be days

When I’ll have my way

That He says…

He loves me anyways!!

("Two facades of the world we live in. Which one do you live in?"- Himanshi, August 2006)