Talking about Welcome Justice, Mr Dutt’s fans!

Again the question of defferentiating between legitimate and illegetimate crime has popped up, again this issue of law for common man and public figure has come up…We have to start from somewhere.

All these years public has been compaining and crying over lawlessness and injustice. But, the time has come when lawgivers are showing some positive signs. They are giving out justice, so what after 13 years.

It is time people have to take the bitter pill and accept the victory of humanity over human weaknesses. It is time we should welcome victory of Nation over anti-national elements.

Mr. Dutt has created a legacy in the cinema world. But, when it comes to national security, it is extremely desirable to be as clear in giving a sentence like this. If it were not like this, it would leave very wrong signals to the outside world.

Our humanity and humility should not be seen a weakness.

Mr. Sanjay Dutt and his fans (that includes me too) must welcome this move towards a more judicious society.