The Eternal Blood Bank

“..for blood is the life of all flesh. Its (every creature’s) blood sustains its life.” – Leviticus 17:14

Quoted above is the characteristic of blood. Blood is the life. Blood sustains life. Blood gives life.   Blood remains live, even stored outside, will give life. The blood level of patient goes down, he may die. Transfuse blood, he lives up again.

As the hospitals store thousands of blood units of various groups in their blood banks for any emergency requirements, so in Jesus Christ, stored is our eternal blood bank . First, the living blood of Jesus gives us new life. Then, Jesus keeps transfusing his blood into our systems, our bodies, our circumstances, and every ailing part of our lives so that we may never die.

Interestingly, the blood of Jesus suits every group and type. And, miraculously, the Jesus blood bank never goes short of supply. It is eternal!