Really Really Hot!


 1. 6 Red big Chilies – slit and seeds taken out

2. 2 Small size potatoes – boiled

3. 1/2 teaspoon Shah Pickle masala/ or home made pickle masala

4. Mustard oil (or, any other oil) for stir frying.

5. Salt to taste


Prepare filling- Mash boiled potatoes and keep aside. Take a non-stick pan/wok and heat. Put 1 teaspoon oil enough. Put pickle masala when oil is really hot. Add potatoes, little salt to taste and stir nicely. Take it off flame.

Fill the slit chilies with potatoes.

Heat oil again in pan or wok and place chilies one by one.

Turn chilies to left and tight for them to cook evenly from all the side. Always place the slit portion upwards otherwise the filling will come out.

Take out in a plate and they are ready to serve.

Tempting, tasty, colorful! But be careful if your stomach can’t take chilies!

Try out and lemme me know how do you like them.


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