Its been ages that i have been wanting to come back to this corner of my life. My very own personal place. 2011 and 2012..Umph!!! Two years of my life- very absorbing. First, School of Theology, City Harvest Church in 2011 was nothing else but the divine appointment with God and i could set my time apart for my creator. And, what did i get in turn? A new life!

Manna, yes, that’s what i prayed for fervently. Lord listened to my prayer request and gave me the biggest fruit of my life. Yes, i gave birth to Manna in July, 2012.

Such a simple thing but so experiential. One can’t learn until one goes through the process, of pain and new birth. There can’t be a new life without pain, trauma and, of course, supernatural energy. It is traumatic to break free. Not so easy. Love has to sacrifice to give way to a new life. Love that is accompanied with great supernatural energy to push a brand new life through into the universe.

Some more patience, perseverance, courage, trials & testings. And, a new me to enter a new year! Happy New year 2013!


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