“I can’t have a Facebook account. I am just 10”, said my son to his peers last week. When insisted, he further told, “my mum won’t allow. I can’t have a face book account” and didn’t budge even they laughed at him. Why wouldn’t he just go ahead and do it. Our home has wi-if and he has access to it all the time. I am not watching him either. So! “Is he afraid of me?”, I thought. What kind of fear is it? He just respected what I told him. Why I told him this ? So that I can discipline him.
Same way, should i and you be afraid of God? This question bothers many of we Christians especially when we know our God is the God of Mercy and Grace, slow to anger. God will not do us any harm. And, many of us take our God for granted thinking He will hear us when we cry. We become slack when it comes to worshiping Him and reading the word of God. And, we remember Him only in the times of trouble, when the oceans rise and thunder storms against us. So should you and I be afraid of God? Answer lies in the following verses.
Fear is not the fear of something evil but fear out of respect the way a child fears his disciplining father. “This fear is fear so that we may not sin”, answers Moses in Exodus 20:18
This fear of not doing wrong sets the discipline in our lives as the world renowned motivational speaker Jim Ron says,” Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment”. And the word of God says, “Fear of Lord is the beginning of knowledge.”



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