Leaving behind 2014 – an year of testing and trials and Grace

The moment had arrived. Firecrackers in the sky, new year party songs and blasting music played on FM inside car, all indicated that it was 12:00 am, 1st January 2014.

I was still in the car driving back home with my family after a party. Then Someone said to me – “year of testing”. The dark deserted street was made lonelier with that voice. Everything became still and stopped listening for a while. Only word that rang in my ears were “year of testing”. As if I knew where they were coming from. I said, “Uh no, God. I can’t take it”. My countenance fell down and inserted thinking what would happen now.
I cancelled in my heart and slept.

But, it repeated. Next morning and another morning! Year of testing. By 3rd January I was so anxious, I called Shilpi, my friend and mentor. I was told if God was telling me about the testing times coming ahead, He would surely give me Grace and strength.

Where sin abounds more, Grace abounds even more.
Your Grace is sufficient for me.

I tell ya, I never understood the meaning of Grace so much as I know now. There are two types of knowledges – one that you learn from books, theories, and another is experiential. We call it gynosko in Hebrew.

In sports, we used to do high jumps. I remember, every time we cleared the hurdle, our PE teacher would hike the limit. She would, then wait for each of us to reach the target before she again increased the height.

And, as if I graduated in testing and trials. A new test was waiting for me as soon as I thought tough times were over. I also understood why testings and trials go hand in hand.

Learned so many things in the School Of Life. Went through the testings and passes with flying colors.

It is 11:50 pm 31st Dec 2014. And, I Know this is over. Yes. Can’t wait to enter into sanctuary.

See you tomorrow with renewed Faith, Hope and Love!

God Bless and a very happy new year 2015.