No Setbacks on Monday morn!


I watched my mum knitting that sweater with a beautiful design in her mind. She was almost there and something went amiss. She realised the design had gone awry. So, she had to painstakingly unknit  and reknit the whole pullover. And, after all the sweat, it came out pretty well.

Setbacks will be there in life. It’s your choice how you take them and builds yourself all over again. Sometimes people, sometimes yourself, sometimes circumstances and all that you just can’t control leave you with pain, failure, and a sense of helplessness.

Setbacks leave you with pain. But, more than that they leave you with a lesson to learn from. You know where you erred. And, you will know how to avoid that in future.

Why I am saying this today? Starting Monday morning talking about setbacks?

Well! One who experiences is the right one to preach. I have had setbacks not once but many a time. One last month. And last week, I had another very big setback.

I was in tears. And, I decided that i would neither blame nor fight with anyone. It’s not worth it. I will look forward and will move ahead. I will build again. I will not waste my time on negative people and thoughts. Time is limited and I don’t know when is the last day of my life. Energy is limited too.

So, I pulled myself up today. I’m starting anew.

I encourage you all to look beyond what happened and start the Monday morn with a greater attitude.

Hello! Are you with me?