Catching up with new life!

Its been ages that i have been wanting to come back to this corner of my life. My very own personal place. 2011 and 2012..Umph!!! Two years of my life- very absorbing. First, School of Theology, City Harvest Church in 2011 was nothing else but the divine appointment with God and i could set my time apart for my creator. And, what did i get in turn? A new life!

Manna, yes, that’s what i prayed for fervently. Lord listened to my prayer request and gave me the biggest fruit of my life. Yes, i gave birth to Manna in July, 2012.

Such a simple thing but so experiential. One can’t learn until one goes through the process, of pain and new birth. There can’t be a new life without pain, trauma and, of course, supernatural energy. It is traumatic to break free. Not so easy. Love has to sacrifice to give way to a new life. Love that is accompanied with great supernatural energy to push a brand new life through into the universe.

Some more patience, perseverance, courage, trials & testings. And, a new me to enter a new year! Happy New year 2013!


I just happened to listen to my favorite song and all my memories of growing up refreshed. How we sang together whatever our mood allowed..our moods changed pirouettes the way life does, exactly expressed in this song sung by Asha Bhosnle in Umroa Jaan filmed on Rekha to make it picture perfect.

Jab bhi milti hai mujhe ajnabi lagti kyun hai

zindagi roz naye rang badalti kyon hai

tum se bichhade hain to ab kis se milati hai hamein

zindagi dekhiye kya rang dikhati hai hamein

I laughed at how we cousins & friends sat together listened to this song and cried as it left its cathartic effect on us. So funny is that we didnn’t even realise what it meant. As life went on and on…it unfolded what these word meant.

“Life is such a suspense, a perfect stranger. How it changes its colors everyday. We meet people for seasons, perfect ones, as if designed by someone and we estrange and then we meet some new ones..and on and on. Let’s see what life has to show now…” – meaning of above lyrics.

Life has taken me to all the unknown places, to unknown situations..taught me some lessons that i didn’t want to learn..showed me what i didn’t expect to see..also, gave me so much that i didn’t expect to receive.

Life is a barter. It gives & takes and then gives..Life is a respecter – Just respect life of yours and of others and it will respect you. And, life is a perfect teacher – if you wanna learn, it will teach you a lot.

I’ve never known what zindagi has to offer..But, one thing that I’ve known…not to be at receiving end but at the giving.

Taking the surprises of life, beating the circumstances, overcoming the pain – Being a warrior. Surprises, circumstances & pain will be there. But, it is your attitude that will make you hug life than hate it.

“It is your attitude that determines the altitude” says Rev. Kong Hee, international speaker and pastor of City Harvest Church, Singapore.

Endure it, enjoy it and Live it – Zindagi…Life!

It really got me nostalgic!!!

Just got this lovely sms from my dear friend Bhawna that said, “I wanna go back to the time when ‘getting high’ meant ‘on a swing’, when ‘drinking’ meant ‘apple juice’, when ‘love’ was ‘mom hug’, when the ‘worst enemies’ were ‘our siblings’, when the only thing that could ‘hurt’, when the only ‘ things that could hurt’ were ‘skinned knees’, when the only things ‘broken’ were ‘toys’ and when ‘good byes’ meant only ’till tomorrow’.

This instantly got me nostalgic. I went straight to my good old childhood days..where we didn’t have six cartoon channels coming in our home. All we impatiently waited for was 30 mins “Rasna Spiderman show” on Sundays, out of which 20 minutes were commercials. And, once it was over, we insisted we would make Rasna at home.

Going for movies was definitely a festive thing and not regular one. But i remember we friends and cousins would get together on weekends and summer holidays and did movies’ role playing. Our favorite movie was “Sholey”. My favorite role, i.e. of Basanti, was given to my other cousin and I hated that. Only second significant role i considered was of Mausi. I never did like sad things, so Jaya Bachhan’s role was ruled out.

We didn’t have doll houses, but we had big spaces at home. We would quietly take our moms’ sarees or duppatta(Indian stole) and would go up to our Chhat(terrace) in those hot summer afternoons completely unperturbed by the Delhi “Lu”. We would create doll house by joining chaar pais (single beds with four legs made out of jute. I think the stuff weaved was jute. Anyways..) and covered them with colorful sarees and duppattas. Carpet was made of Chataai. And there we decorated our dolls, smeared them with our mothers’ used & thrown lipsticks. Sometimes we became each others make up artists. And we had so much to share in our friendly neighbourhood area.

Only Barbie doll i got was on my 10th birthday. And I tell you, that was embarrassing. I don’t remember my brother having a hot wheel either. Couldn’t dream of PSPs. My eldest cousin had got one video game that had three games in it and we covetously watched him play.


And, thus, we had time to play together. Sooo, we had our board games that we played. Scrabble and monopoly were our all time favorites that we played with our mom dad and cousins. With scrabble I developed my special interest in words and English language.

We didn’t have too much, none of us could brag of having “better than the rest”, there were so many things to do together and share.

Our life was SIMPLE…

But we were HAPPY.