What is your Creative Value?

Go on creating
Go on creating (Photo credit: fotologic)

As America and allies contemplate attacks on hapless Syria, already bruised by its own people, the other half of dumb and mute world looks on wondering if they are moving towards another string of destruction. The gas attack killings were crime against humanity. But, what do we call the killings that will be caused by the armed forces? Legitimate? After seeing series of such attacks as military interventions in the name of humanity with deceivingly positive outcomes none other than quiet rubble devastated for generations, one is forced to question this as – legitimate killings? We are late enough though to rethink what the role of man, of you and me, was in the beginning, could have been, is and should be? – To create or to destroy? 

God created world in Genesis 1:1 out of nothing – “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”  And, then, He created the beautiful world out of earth that was formless and empty. (Genesis 1:2“Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep..”)

The verb here is to create – the word ‘bara‘. This term applies to creating – something new and also creating something out of something. V1 & 2 are examples of it. Our God is the God of creation. All the beautiful things that are created in this world are by Him. And, He created man in His image – Then God said in Genesis 1:26, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule...” The man is supposed to live in His image, and, for that reason, is to create. Only man has the faculty to create as a conscious plan of God to carry forward his partnership with man.

Whenever man creates something, if it is a new invention or out of something God sees that as good. It pleases God. And, God prospers it. Whenever man does something he is creating or contributing in the process of creation, it gives Glory to God.

So, we have important reason and logic to create and not to destroy. How you spend your day ask yourself before you sleep, “what constructive, creative things I (as an individual, as a team) did today?” And, you will have some revelations.  More creative value you have for yourself, your family, your environment, your professional team, your organization, your country, the world around you. How to assess your creative value? You can assess the creative value by seeing the growth and positive changes in yourself as a person and as a professional, in your relationships, in things and people in your environment.

More you will create, more your world will grow. And, you will grow in the likeness of God the purpose for which He made you. It’s never too late. So, let’s start. Let’s create as we are made to create!


Catching up with new life!

Its been ages that i have been wanting to come back to this corner of my life. My very own personal place. 2011 and 2012..Umph!!! Two years of my life- very absorbing. First, School of Theology, City Harvest Church in 2011 was nothing else but the divine appointment with God and i could set my time apart for my creator. And, what did i get in turn? A new life!

Manna, yes, that’s what i prayed for fervently. Lord listened to my prayer request and gave me the biggest fruit of my life. Yes, i gave birth to Manna in July, 2012.

Such a simple thing but so experiential. One can’t learn until one goes through the process, of pain and new birth. There can’t be a new life without pain, trauma and, of course, supernatural energy. It is traumatic to break free. Not so easy. Love has to sacrifice to give way to a new life. Love that is accompanied with great supernatural energy to push a brand new life through into the universe.

Some more patience, perseverance, courage, trials & testings. And, a new me to enter a new year! Happy New year 2013!

3 – Word phrases that can touch a life!

I have been reading this book, Cafe’ David: serving coffee for the soul – Relationships and i want to quote author, David Oh, ..”I heard an ad on the radio about 3 words that can change your life. So, i started to think of 3 words phrases that can touch a life. Here’s my list:

I love you
I’m really sorry
Please forgive me.
You’ve done well
You are beautiful
I need you.
You’re my hero.
I forgive you.
I accept you.
I was wrong.
Don’t forget me.
I’m yours forever!”

Then i thought what are my 3-word phrases. Ones that i have used are –
I love you.
I am sorry.
Really appreciate it.
I missed you.
You look pretty.
You are gorgeous.
You are right.
I was wrong.
Jesus loves you.
You are there!
How are you?
God bless you!
Love you too.
Life is good.

It will be so much fun to know your list of 3 word phrases that you used to lighten someone’s spirit! Waiting for that (OOPS! that’s a 3-word one too). Okie…All the best (Oh my Gosh! Again 3-word phrase…)

I just happened to listen to my favorite song and all my memories of growing up refreshed. How we sang together whatever our mood allowed..our moods changed pirouettes the way life does, exactly expressed in this song sung by Asha Bhosnle in Umroa Jaan filmed on Rekha to make it picture perfect.

Jab bhi milti hai mujhe ajnabi lagti kyun hai

zindagi roz naye rang badalti kyon hai

tum se bichhade hain to ab kis se milati hai hamein

zindagi dekhiye kya rang dikhati hai hamein

I laughed at how we cousins & friends sat together listened to this song and cried as it left its cathartic effect on us. So funny is that we didnn’t even realise what it meant. As life went on and on…it unfolded what these word meant.

“Life is such a suspense, a perfect stranger. How it changes its colors everyday. We meet people for seasons, perfect ones, as if designed by someone and we estrange and then we meet some new ones..and on and on. Let’s see what life has to show now…” – meaning of above lyrics.

Life has taken me to all the unknown places, to unknown situations..taught me some lessons that i didn’t want to learn..showed me what i didn’t expect to see..also, gave me so much that i didn’t expect to receive.

Life is a barter. It gives & takes and then gives..Life is a respecter – Just respect life of yours and of others and it will respect you. And, life is a perfect teacher – if you wanna learn, it will teach you a lot.

I’ve never known what zindagi has to offer..But, one thing that I’ve known…not to be at receiving end but at the giving.

Taking the surprises of life, beating the circumstances, overcoming the pain – Being a warrior. Surprises, circumstances & pain will be there. But, it is your attitude that will make you hug life than hate it.

“It is your attitude that determines the altitude” says Rev. Kong Hee, international speaker and pastor of City Harvest Church, Singapore.

Endure it, enjoy it and Live it – Zindagi…Life!

And, Thursday knows…!

Many a time as i amble down the jogging track in my condo, i meet her. But, for past few days, i have not seen her and have been thinking about her.

She has been special and seems, no noooo, perhaps, I’ve been special for her too. It was love at first sight when i I met her for the first time. She really caught my eyes. I stopped immediately. And, she knew it was her, so she advanced her hand towards me as a gesture of friendship.

“So, cute”, I said. Chubby, cute, furry..and then she blinked at me exactly the one Tom keeps giving his heart to. I mean, the guy in Tom & Jerry show.

I asked her mum what her name was. She said with a big exclamation, “Ooh! Her name is Thursday.”

“Thursday!”, i repeated with a bigger expression.

“Yup. Actually, i found her on Thursday. So, named her so.”

“Okie, but that’s a really cute one”, i said.

“Yeah! She is a lovely cat”, her owner-cum-mum came up with pride.

Indeed she is! I mean, now our friendship has gone ahead. I meet her often down. As i look at her lovingly, she sits down. And, then she lies down on the ground expecting me to run my hand over her furs. She is so lovable.

You know, Thursday knows…LOVE!

She is an animal, but she can sense the love in my look, my hello, my hand shake and my touch. Her acceptance of my love makes her lovable!

She is an animal and she understands love.

Wouldn’t it be so dumb to presume your other fellow human being doesn’t understand the feel of your look, your hug or your speech?

Some people really don’t understand this simple basic thing. That, one CAN FEEL the COLD HUG as much as WARM HUG, or hand, or look or the way they ask, “Hey, buddy how have you been?”, when they actually don’t mean an iota of it.

They know if you are saying something is out of love or not. My family and friends love when i cook for them. It is not that i a great cook. But, they know i have do it for them willingly and lovingly. People may make a five course meal and serve in the finest of table ware, but if there is no love, people will not be able to enjoy food.

A gift that is bought out of formality will be different from one bought out of love. Because, your love and thoughts have gone in it.

An embrace of love will express your feelings to the person without a single word needed.

I mean even your dog knows the loving feeling of your hands..Why can’t humans know that everyone knows love?

“If i speak in the tongues of men and angels, but do not have love, i am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If i have the gift of prophecy, and if i have faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, i am nothing. If i give all i possess to the poor and gave over my body to hardship that i may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.” – 1 Corinthians 13:1- 3

Power of the mind

You know the power of the mind? That it can actually make it happen for you what you want….sounds crazy!
You wish something…, "Kash…", but you knew it was farfetched! And, no sooner,you get that too. It could be a small wish also. You would instantly be reminded of the movie, "Liar Liar", when Jim Carry’s son wishes his father could not tell a lie for a day. 
Secret formula for that…You have to combine power of the mind with Power of the HEART! In Hindi you call it "teevra Ichchha"!
Have you had any such experiences to relate? Let’s share them.