The Colors

On Saturday, i was looking for some quotes on colors that i could post as social media promo for my page WOOBazaar on the festival of Holi. Bute, having found none suitable enough, i wrote these line for my target segment – women. Hope you like ūüôā

Color your life with huesColors

Of Red, Green & Blue

Purple, Orange, Yellow

As if there is no tomorrow

Fill your heart o woman

With colors of friendship and joy

Of freedom in limitless sky

Once a colorless pupa

Now a beautiful butterfly.

© Himanshi Singh


I just happened to listen to my favorite song and all my memories of growing up refreshed. How we sang together whatever our mood allowed..our moods changed pirouettes the way life does, exactly expressed in this song sung by Asha Bhosnle in Umroa Jaan filmed on Rekha to make it picture perfect.

Jab bhi milti hai mujhe ajnabi lagti kyun hai

zindagi roz naye rang badalti kyon hai

tum se bichhade hain to ab kis se milati hai hamein

zindagi dekhiye kya rang dikhati hai hamein

I laughed at how we cousins & friends sat together listened to this song and cried as it left its cathartic effect on us. So funny is that we didnn’t even realise what it meant. As life went on and on…it unfolded what these word meant.

“Life is such a suspense, a perfect stranger. How it changes its colors everyday. We meet people for seasons, perfect ones, as if designed by someone and we estrange and then we meet some new ones..and on and on. Let’s see what life has to show now…” – meaning of above lyrics.

Life has taken me to all the unknown places, to unknown situations..taught me some lessons that i didn’t want to learn..showed me what i didn’t expect to see..also, gave me so much that i didn’t expect to¬†receive.

Life is a barter. It gives & takes and then gives..Life is a respecter – Just respect life of yours and of others and it will respect you. And, life is a perfect teacher – if you wanna learn, it will teach you a lot.

I’ve never known what zindagi has to offer..But, one thing that I‚Äôve known…not to be at receiving end but at the giving.

Taking the surprises of life, beating the circumstances, overcoming the pain – Being a warrior. Surprises, circumstances & pain will be there. But, it is your attitude that will make you hug life than hate it.

“It is your attitude that determines the altitude” says Rev. Kong Hee, international speaker and pastor of City Harvest Church,¬†Singapore.

Endure it, enjoy it and Live it – Zindagi…Life!

Vanity! Vanity!

Hail! Hail!

Vanity dear,

In your name

Everyone swears


Made-up faces

Smiles wide

Tongues dark

Lips are bright


Stand conceited

Deceived they are

Look so human

Thine is some art


Love is a bore

Apathy roars

Vanity dances

Here on the dance floor


Yeah! Vanity

You do reign

Thine game

Mine is the blame


Oh! Dear,

Queer are your ways

Tired I ran so after ye

Tried to catch you everyday.


Queen of hearts!

Don’t know your art

Here I am as you’re weighed

Standing like a castaway.


There will be days

When I’ll have my way

That He says…

He loves me anyways!!

("Two facades of the world we live in. Which one do you live in?"- Himanshi, August 2006)


“Bathed in white..”

I bathed in white the other day,
your slightest sight that made my way
that you came my way,
splashing white everywhere
in my world whatever
unseen could be there,
with your glare, my vision made clearer.
Closed doors were open
crossed arms did welcome
whole world seemed to become one…
your Red became White
Celestial conspiracy was to turn
things to right.
Your White is so
All colours soaked in it
and bade adieu.
Night had tuned to Day
’cause White had to have its way
I bathed in White the other day!
16th March 2006




It is eerie, it is fey,

I must not, what I see.

Spectres of future,

Piercing my soul with spears..

Six ghostly hands stretched out to you,

asking for some dues.

Mama, then you awoke with a scar..

Couldn’t do much, I was near yet so far.

Giver of life! Feel your "motherhood" pain,

though your child, selfish I remain.

It is eerie, it is fey.

The reply came to me,

"When Goodness over evil succeeds,

is then one of His angels bleeds."

New pictures of destiny come to me…

Saw a white bird fly Alight in the sky,

"Ma! I am far, yet so close to ye!"


10th March, 2005

Let’s Create

let’s Create

Creativity is just the state of mind,
And that sees no limit is mind,
Leads that us to the path of bounteousness,
Blessed by spirits constructive….
So, Let’s create a world of mindfulness,
Where innocence wins,
And No one lags behind,
Where knowledge is used to create,
Not to destruct mankind….
Let’s make uniformity our logo,
And, fraternity our guide,
Our brothers who have lost their ways
As dissentful tides,
With our arms open welcome them should we,
With no revengeful needs till the eternity. . .
Let’s not limit our vision to a short sight,
For mind rules the vision,
Not vision rules the mind…..
So,let’s create a world of mindfulness,
Let’s create as we are made to create.

Himanshi Singh

Copyright ©2005 Himanshi Singh

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